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This organization is a 501c3 registered charity designated to be sound fiscal managers of your donations to further youth development and support youth education ONLY in Lincoln County.

Building A Community for Youth Success

       The Youth Development Coalition of Lincoln County has embarked on a long-term journey toward student success in Lincoln County.  Focused on school-age youth, YDC has begun a path to community consensus and after school partnerships that reflect the values and structure of collective impact (resource link below).   

        As the collective impact process unfolds...

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Youth Development Coalition of Lincoln County

Members of the Coalition are committed to the improvement of reading by Grade 3; math by Grade 6; and high school graduation followed by post-secondary education or training or employment for youth up to 24 years of age.

Pursuant this collective effort, members of the YDC coalition provide intensive reading assessment and interventions for elementary and middle school students (starting at grade K) and math assessment with math functions tutoring (starting at grade 3).  Countywide sites are listed under the afterschool programs tab (left side of page).  Additionally, CSC provides math and career exploration services to older youth 16 years of age to 24.

We are celebrating our success in this effort. Proven results in advancing reading skills and high school graduation rates.

These services are FREE!
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